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  1. How does the GameCycle work?

    The GameCycle simulates hand cycling, but with a twist: When you crank and steer the arm cranks, they serve as a controller for off-the-shelf Nintendo GameCube racing games. When you crank the handles forward, the speed of your cranking controls the speed of the game object (e.g., the speed of a car). To steer the object, you tilt the handles from side to side. If you slow your cranking, you slow the object. If you crank in reverse, the object moves in reverse. It's that simple.

  2. Are the Nintendo GameCube and TV fully integrated into the GameCycle?

    Yes, the Nintendo GameCube and TV are fully integrated into the GameCycle. The GameCycle is a "turn-key" system which incorporates the GameCube and TV and requires no additional components. The GameCycle interacts directly with the GameCube games by simulating a GameCube controller.

  3. Do you need to have experience with videogames to play the GameCycle?

    Absolutely not. In fact, many people, especially seniors, who have never played videogames before enjoy the GameCycle. Because you are not using a standard videogame controller, you need no familiarity or experience at all with videogames or their controllers. Instead, your challenge, and part of the fun, is learning how your own cranking and steering controls the game. Because the GameCycle eliminates the need for complicated game controllers, it actually makes videogames easier to play - all you do is crank and steer. For seniors this is especially important: the GameCycle removes a common barrier to videogames - the complex and often intimidating set of buttons on a videogame controller.

  4. Is the GameCycle adjustable to meet the needs of a variety of users?

    The GameCycle has many adjustable features including:

    1. Adjustable height of the cranks (play sitting or standing) and adjustable crank lengths
    2. 20 different resistance settings to provide a wide range of cranking difficulty
    3. A variety of handgrips (see below) for varying hand function
    4. Games can be played by cranking forward or backward
    5. Cranking that can be easlily set to be in-line (synchornous) or reciprocol (asynchronous)
    6. The side to side tilt feature for steering (for gameplay) can be turned off to mimic a standard arm-ergometer
    7. The Gamecycle can be played from any type of chair including people's own wheelchairs.
  5. Is there a selection of hand grips available?

    Yes. While the GameCycle comes standard with horizontal grips, two additional grips are available: vertical grips and C5 - quad grips for users with limited gripping capability. See our GameCycle Grip Options.

  6. Can you have reciprocal cranking (e.g., off-set the cranks) on the GameCycle?

    Yes. The cranks can be easlily set to be reciprocol (asynchronous cranking) or in-line (synchornous). However, off-set cranks (one crank handle is high while the other is low) make it more difficult to steer during gameplay. So, in gameplay mode, we strongly recommend using the cranks in the in-line mode similar to hand cycles in which the cranks turn together in-line with one another.

  7. How much floor space does the GameCycle use?

    The GameCycle is 31" wide, 56" high (at the maximum crank height setting), and 48" long at the base. When including the projection of the armcranks, then the GameCycle is 64" long (max.). The GameCycle has wheels on the front that enable rolling portability.

  8. How can I see the GameCycle in action?

    We encourage clinics, schools, fitness facilities, hospitals, or any interested organization to ask for an on-line in-service/webinar, or for a demonstration of the GameCycle. You may also may want to visit our GameCycle Video Library. To request an in-service or webinar, give us a call at 509-416-4317, or send an e-mail to

  9. Are there research studies on the benefits of using the GameCycle?

    Yes, there is. GameCycle research has been presented at scientific conferences and has been published in several scientific journals. The results of these research efforts have provided compelling evidence of the important benefits gained from the way in which the GameCycle combines upper-body exercise with gaming, including improved cardiovascular fitness and better compliance with exercise programs or rehab regimens. Learn more about GameCycle Research Evidence.

  10. What are the cognitive and motor benefits of using the GameCycle?

    Benefits include visual-motor integration as the participant matches upper extremity movement to visual feedback from the videogame. Also, bilateral integration or hemiplegic neglect is addressed because both arms must work in unison to control the game. Because the steering sensitivity of the GameCycle can be adjusted, forward and reverse crank speeds required to achieve maximum object speed can be adjusted, and because each game has a variety of "challenge" levels, there is maximum flexibility as users' motor abilities improve.

  11. How is cranking resistance applied and adjusted?

    The cranking resistance system uses a smooth, magnetic particle brake. Resistance is adjusted through simple touch screen selection of 20 resistance settings (Torque Range: 0-120 lb-in).

  12. Can videogames be played by cranking backward as well as forward?

    Yes, at the touch of the screen, the user can switch the direction of cranking (backward or forward) that makes the video game object move forward.

  13. What videogames are compatible with the GameCycle and where can they be purchased?

    Nintendo GameCube games that are compatible with the GameCycle can be purchased off the shelf at any store that carries videogames (e.g., Best Buy, Target, or any videogame store). The GameCycle is compatible with racing style games, and here are some games that we most highly recommend:

    • Need for Speed Underground (also 2 and Hot pursuit)
    • Cars
    • Monster 4 x 4 - Masters of Metal
    • Racing Evolution
    • Crazy Taxi
    • Nascar Dirt to Daytona
    • Mario Kart Double Dash
    • SX Superstar
    • F-Zero GX

    The GameCycle is not compatible with games that require firing buttons because the repetitive use of buttons interferes with the cranking exercise that the GameCycle is designed to promote.

  14. Does the GameCycle work with Play Station and/or X-Box?

    No. At present, the GameCycle only works with the Nintendo GameCube.

  15. Do you have something like the GameCycle but for the legs?

    No. The GameCycle was designed from the ground-up for upper body exercise and especially for people who cannot or prefer not to exercise with their legs. The GameCycle is unique in its ability to provide an entertaining exercise outlet for the upper body.

  16. Who is using the GameCycle?

    Because the GameCycle is attractive to people of all abilities, it creates a truly "universal access" exercise environment. The GameCycle is used by children, adults, and seniors. In the clinic, the GameCycle is used by people who have experienced stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, spina bifida, and other neurological disorders or diseases of the spine. View a Sampling of Locations using the GameCycle.

  17. What is the retail price of the GameCycle and what does it include?

    The retail price of the GameCycle System is $5400.00. Along with the GameCycle, you also receive:

    • Flatscreen TV
    • Nintendo GameCube console with controller
    • Built in stand to mount TV and GameCube console
    • One Nintendo GameCube video game (selected by the customer)
    • One pair of horizontal grips
  18. Are there any tax credits available when purchasing the GameCycle?

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides a tax credit for expenditures by small businesses that are used to increase access for people with disabilities. Learn more.

  19. Can the TV be used to view regular TV programming or movies while using the GameCycle?

    Yes. The flatscreen TV is fully functional and can also be used to view TV programming or movies from an external source such as a DVD player.

  20. How can I buy the GameCycle?

    Please give us a call at 509-416-4317, or send an e-mail to

  21. I have an earlier model GameCycle. Can I get access to the Set-Up Guide and Users Manual?

    Yes, you can get access to these documents. Please choose the file you want from below.

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