The GameCycle. Exergaming at its Best.

Get the Excitement of Playing Nintendo Racing Games while getting a Great Upper Body Workout!

  • Speed is controlled by turning the arm cranks
  • Steering is controlled by tilting the cranks left and right during play.
  • Adjustable resistance, hand grips, and height settings lets you customize your workout to your level of intensity!

The GameCycle is at the Heart of Exergaming

The GameCycle lets kids, adults and seniors "play their way" to better fitness. For kids, the GameCycle provides a challenge that many of them seek out on their own - the challenge of videogames. But, now while playing their favorite racing videogame, kids are getting a great workout too. The GameCycle is part of the suite of products offered by leaders in exergaming such as Motion Fitness, Exergame Fitness, and iTech Fitness.

The GameCycle in Fitness Centers, YMCAs, and Community Centers

For fitness centers, YMCAs, and Community Centers, the GameCycle offers the kind of innovative exercise outlet that brings people through the door. Upper body exercise outlets are often under-represented in exercise facilities - in part because standard arm ergometers are considered boring. The GameCycle shatters that boring image by offering upper-body exercise merged with videogames.

While appealing to a general audience, the GameCycle also makes your facility attractive to a growing population of people (especially as baby boomers age) with mobility disabilities who are unable to exercise with their legs. For people who cannot exercise with their legs, the GameCycle represents a tailor-made innovation: Upper-body exercise merged with gameplay.

The GameCycle in Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Centers

Seniors, just like the general population, seek out exercise that is entertaining and motivating. We have seen this first hand: The reception of the GameCycle among seniors has been outstanding. Part of the reason for the enthusiastic response is that the GameCycle is simple and makes video games easy to play - all you do is crank and steer. The GameCycle takes away a barrier that often exists for older people - the complex and often intimidating game controllers for common videogames.

While the GameCycle is fun, it also offers serious benefits for seniors. For example, for those who have experienced stroke, the GameCycle provides important cognitive and motor benefits during rehabilitation. Importantly, the GameCycle allows the crank speed necessary to play the video games to be adjusted so that even when cranking slow, the game can still be played. Finally, because resistance levels can be adjusted, and because each game has a variety of "challenge" levels, there is maximum flexibility as one's motor abilities improve.

The GameCycle. Making Exercise as Addictive as Gaming.

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