GameCycle Grip Options

The grip options provided with the GameCycle are meant to accommondate the widest variety of users. Which option is best for you and/or your client population will be determined by a combination of differences in personal preference and hand function.

Each of the grip options pictured below are also available as part of a Quick Release Grip Package that allows one to easily switch between the different grips. This is especially useful for clinics, hospitals, and assisted living facilities that serve a variety of clients. Below is a visual of the Quick Release Grip Package, as well as a description of the different individual grips.

Horizontal Grips

The Horizontal Grips are the standard option on the GameCycle. They are comfortable and versatile which makes them good for kids as well adults.

Vertical Grips

Vertical grips are designed for those who find the angled ergonmic grip to be more comfortable when cranking.

C5 Quad Grips

These grips are specifically for people with grip weakness or limited hand function. They are easy-on, easy-off and allow the GameCycle user to separate from the cranks momentarily for shifting, re-connect the spindles and keep playing.

The GameCycle. The Stationary Hand Cycle with a Twist.

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