GameCycle Usage Tips

The most important overall tip when using the GameCycle is to take advantage of all the customizable features that the Gamecycle offers. Here are those key features and some tips about how to use them:

Considering Crank Arm Position - Especially During Gameplay

Crank arms can be set to be in-line (synchronous, at the same level) or reciprocal (asynchronous). But for game play, the cranks should always be in the synchronous, in-line position. Because game play involves cranking and steering the in-line crank arm position makes game play easier. This is may be counter- intuitive because the crank arms on standard arm ergometers are typically reciprocal or out of line. But remember the GameCycle is different because you have to crank and steer at the same time. On hand cycles, where you also have to crank and steer at the sametime, you will also find the cranks in the in-line position.

Tilt/Steering Lock - Conversion to a Standard Arm Ergometer

If you want to exercise without the game interface, the GameCycle has the flexibility to allow you to easily convert it to a standard arm-ergometer. The side to side tilt for steering (used during game play) can be locked to create a standard, fixed arm-ergometer with no side to side tilting. To lock the steering, simply turn the black knob located underneath the black crank housing. For a visual of the locking knob, click on the printer friendly PDF button in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Adjustable Height

The head of the GameCycle (where the crank arms are) can be raised or lowered to accommodate a wide range of crank heights which allows the GameCycle to be used in either a seated or standing position. Whether seating or standing, always be sure to adjust the crank height so that it is appropriate and confortable for the specific characteristics of the user.

Adjustable Crank Length

The length of the crank arms can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate the user. If you think of cranking as tracing a circle everytime you go around, then shorter crank legnths result in smaller circles and require less range of motion. Conversely, longer crank legnths result in larger circles and require greater range of motion.

Crank Forward or Backward

Please remember that games can be played by cranking either forward or backward. In the "Forward Mode," cranking forward moves the object on the screen forward and, of course, in the "Reverse Mode," cranking backward moves the object forward. This can be changed at anytime during game play with the touch of a button on the main gameplay screen.

Grip Options for the Crank Handles

The GameCycle can be played using horizontal grips or vertical grips. We also offer C5 Grips that are specifically for people with grip weakness or limited hand function.

Additional Usage Tips and Friendly Reminders for Trouble Shooting

  • In general, always be sure that the GameCycle is set-up to best accommodate the characteristics of the user. This includes, for instance, insuring that the crank height is appropriate and that the resistance level is comfortable for the user.
  • Be patient when first starting. It takes time to learn and get used to the cranking and steering mechanism AND it takes time to get used to the racing game itself. One key is to be able to crank and steer at the same time - and, remember, that this will be much easier when the cranks are in the in-line position - so be sure that the cranks are set correctly.
  • To assist first-time users, consider using the Racing Evolution game in the Easy Track (oval course) mode. Or, for users who may be particularly challenged, you may consdier starting with the GameCycle TV screen turned off to allow the patient to get used to the cranking and steering mechanism before they start gameplay.
  • Always insure that the purple cable is inserted in the first slot of the Game Cube and that the memory card is inserted. Also, do not save to the memory card. See a Visual Description of How the Cable and Memory Card Are Correctly Inserted.
  • GameCycle steering calibration is easy. Just press "More" on the main GameCycle Screen. Then press "Options". Press "Calibration". Press "Standard" and the GameCycle takes care of the rest. This is your quick fix if steering appears non-responsive. See a Visual Description of How to Calibrate the GameCycle.
  • GameCycles are all shipped with a GameCycle Quick Start Guide. We suggest posting this Guide on a wall or place near the GameCycle because it has everything you need to know to use the GameCycle with your patients. View the Quick Start Guide. If you cannot find the Quick Start Guide or would like additional copies so you can post it, please send an e-mail to with your name and address and we will send it to you.

If you have any issue or question please immediately call our toll free customer service number at 888-832-1829 or write to us at

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