Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What distinguishes the Push to Lock, Pull to Lock, and Scissor Lock options?

    These wheel lock options are named for their locking motion. The customer can choose the locking motion – Push to Lock, Pull to Lock, or Scissor Lock – that works best for him or her. For close-up photos of each option, please visit our O-F Lock Showcase. We have found that the Push to Lock option is the most popular, followed by the Scissor Locks and then the Pull to Lock.

  2. What is the composite material and what are its advantages?

    Fiber reinforced composite is essentially plastic interwoven with fibers that exponentially increase the strength of the plastic. Think of it as similar to concrete that is reinforced by interwoven rebar (reinforcing bars) usually made of steel. In this same way, the fibers reinforce the strength of the plastic in our composite locks. The distinct advantage is a lighter weight lock (lighter than aluminum or steel locks) with exceptional functionality and durability.

  3. Are there other unique characteristics of these locks?

    Yes. Our locks employ a small profile, compact design that keeps the locks out of the way during transfers or when transporting the chair itself. Our locks also have an ergonomic design and a textured handle that prevents hands from slipping when using the lock and eases engagement and disengagement of the locks.

  4. How much do O-F Composite Locks weigh?

    The following weights include the entire lock assembly, but do not include the clamp:

    One Push lock (or Pull) weighs 4.375 ounces. One Scissor lock weighs 3.75 ounces.

  5. Will the O-F Composite Locks mount with clamps that I already have?

    Yes. Most clamps are standard – meaning that if a customer already has wheel locks and clamps and he/she just wants to install our O-F Composite Locks, then he/she will most likely be able to use their old clamps.

  6. If I need new clamps, how do I know what size or type I need?

    Because the clamp is mounted to the chair frame, the size of the clamp is determined by the tubing diameter of the frame. The most common frames use 1” tubing, while some frames use 1.25” tubing. We offer both 1” and 1.25” clamps. There are, however, other tubing sizes out there so if you are ordering clamps from us please be sure to verify the tubing diameter to be sure that it matches one of the two clamp sizes that we offer. In addition to these standard clamps, we also offer Off-Set and Extended Clamps for situations in which the locks need to be positioned further out from the frame or set higher or lower.

  7. What is the purpose of Off-Set Clamps and when are they useful?

    With Off-Set Clamps, instead of using a straight line design (as is the case with standard clamps), the front part of the Off-Set Clamp (where the lock itself is secured) is set forward to allow the locks to be positioned further out in front of the frame. The Off-Set Clamps are typically ordered when a customer prefers to have their locks positioned further away from the frame either because of preference or wheel configuration or both.

  8. How much further out do the Extended Clamps reach and when are they required?

    The Extended Clamps go out 1.25” further than the standard clamp. The Extended Clamp option is only offered for the 1” frame. Extended Clamps allow the wheel locks to be positioned further down/lower on the wheel.

  9. Is there an option to extend the length of the handle for the Push and Pull to Lock options?

    Yes. We offer a "Wheel Lock Extension Handle".

  10. To preserve the structural integrity and functionality of the locks, are there things to be sure to avoid?

    Yes. First, do not use the wheel locks for weight-bearing support during transfers. The locks are not designed to bear weight during transfers. Second, do not use the locks as brakes to slow the wheelchair down. The wheel locks are NOT intended for braking and using them in this way could result in injury.

  11. Is there a warranty on the O-F Composite Locks?

    Yes. If problems arise under normal use (see above for exceptions), the locks are covered by a 90-day Warranty. There is nothing more important to us than the satisfaction of our customers. If you have a problem, just contact us at or call us at 888-832-1829. We will make sure that your needs are met to the very best of our ability.

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