The SmartWheel Automated Report Builder

The SmartWheel stores client data in a database, and then with the click of a button, generates a report of client results for key performance measures.

Key performance measures of speed, push force, and push frequency are compared to a national database.

  • The Clinical Practice Guidelines identify push force and frequency as potential sources of pain.
  • Speed relates to functional outcomes such as the ability to safely cross an intersection in a wheelchair.

The table and graph below are sample excerpts from the SmartWheel Report Builder.
(Click on the images below to see larger versions)

Graphical Comparison to a National Database

As can be seen below, the SmartWheel Report Builder presents easy to read graphs of push force and push frequency across different speeds. Circles on the graph indicate positive comparisons to the SmartWheel National Database, whereas arrows indicate that a clinical intervention may be needed to optimize performance and reduce stress on the shoulders, hands, and wrists.

Client Comparison Data

The SmartWheel Report Builder enables other critical comparisons. For example, if several performance measures are taken during a single patient visit (e.g., using different wheelchairs or a different set-up), the Report Builder enables side-by-side comparisons of performance. The Report Builder may also be used to compare outcomes from a current session to outcomes from several months ago.

Where is Your SmartWheel Data?

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