The SmartWheel Return on Investment Model: Good for Your Client. Good for Your Clinic.

The SmartWheel is the only available tool of its kind to measure all the characteristics of wheelchair propulsion to faciliate optimization of wheelchair use and performance. The SmartWheel also makes good business sense.

The SmartWheel Justifies Skilled Therapy Time

SmartWheel Automated Reports provide data to support many of the tasks that clinicians regularly engage in such as wheelchair evaluation and set-up, equipment justification, and skills training. Whether it's data showing the positive impact of propulsion training (less force exerted by the arms) or data showing the impact of a change in wheelchair set-up (more efficient propulsion), SmartWheel data justifies the continued investment of that skilled therapy time.

Without SmartWheel data showing the results of your efforts and interventions, this kind of outcome-based justification and decision making is not acheivable.

Reimbursement for SmartWheel Use: Therapy CPT Codes

Whether its propulsion training, data to assist with wheelchair selection, or data to evaluate the impact of an intervention, use of the SmartWheel for these tasks is reimbursed under existing CPT Codes such as Wheelchair Management and Training (97542) and Physical Performance Test or Measure (97750).

The SmartWheel Expands Your Referral Base

As a recognized leading edge tool for wheelchair clinics, the SmartWheel brings new patients through the door. Like other clinics with SmartWheels, you can include the SmartWheel in your promotional materials as part of the specialized services you offer. SmartWheel evaluations then expand your referral base by becoming opportunities for referrals, when indicated, for other services such as pressure mapping assessments, neuro rehab, orthopedic evaluation, or conditioning and strength training.

Or, when patients come in for other services, they may, when indicated, be referred for a SmartWheel evaluation and the unique set of services that it provides.

Source for Securing Grant Revenue

The SmartWheel was originally developed as a research tool. It has served as the bases for numerous grant applications and funded research projects.

Because the SmartWheel provides concrete data necessary for evaluation and outcome testing, it can serve as the foundation for a variety of projects that examine interventions and their outcomes. This type of evaluation research, where promising interventions are put to the test, is without question the most fundable type of research.

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