SmartWheel Video Library

Welcome to the SmartWheel video library! Scroll down to watch videos about the benefits of the SmartWheel and the clinicians who use it. Just click the video you want to play and use the icon in the lower right of every video to make it full screen. Enjoy!

Special thanks to the therapists at Craig Hospital, TIRR Memorial Hermann, and Banner Good Samaritan Rehab Institute. They made these informative SmartWheel videos possible.

SmartWheel Overview

Learn how and why therapists use the SmartWheel.

Clinical Application Examples

Hear therapists talk about patient cases.

SmartWheel Billing

Learn about SmartWheel CPT code billing and insurance justification.

Why the SmartWheel?

Overview of why the SmartWheel matters.

SmartWheel Software Demo

Learn how to set up and use the software that comes with the SmartWheel.

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