Installation Tips for The Surge with Tab Mount Wheels

The Surge and Surge LT attach to your wheel rim in the same way as a standard handrim. You will use the same 6 screws and lock nuts from your old handrim to attach the Surge.

  • When you remove your old handrims from your wheels, you will need to remove the tire, tube, and tape or rubber band that sometimes covers the spoke holes on the wheel rim (tire changing tools are recommended if you have them).
  • You will need a phillips screwdriver and a 3/8" wrench to disassemble and remove the (6) screws and lock nuts that mount the handrim to the wheel.

Be sure that the tabs on your new Surge Handrim fit inside the rim of the wheel. If not (i.e. either too wide or narrow), you will need to evenly adjust all the tabs by slightly bending them (using pliers) so they fit just inside the rim of the wheel.

  • Note: It is important to evenly bend the tabs so the Surge will mount symmetrically to the wheel.

Once the tabs are adjusted properly, place the Surge on a flat surface with the tabs facing up. Place your wheel (recessed hole for quick release facing down) on top of the Surge and make sure the holes on the tabs match up with the holes on the inside of the wheel rim.

  • You can mount your Surge in either the narrow (close-in) or wide position. This means that you can use either the inside or outside holes on the tabs, but be sure to use the same hole for all 6 tabs.
  • Insert the (6) screws through the wheel and into one of the holes in the tabs on the Surge. After you insert each screw, thread the lock nut onto the screw and tighten it down.
  • Check to be sure that the Surge is even (or true) all the way around. If not, you may need to loosen the nuts and readjust the alignment.
  • Note: If you are using the thumbpiece with the Surge, it must be mounted in the wide position (outside hole) and thumb piece should be placed down on the Surge prior to placing down the wheel.

Once the Surge installation is complete, you can reassemble your wheel by reinstalling the spoke tape (or rubber band), inner tube, tire, and inflate to the correct pressure.

Congratulations! Your new Surge Handrim is ready to use!

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